100% Pure Pearl & Silk Loose Face Powder



100% Pure Pearl & Silk Powder ~ by customer request

Loose powder in a sifter jar

These are made with 100% Pearl & Silk powders & have no fillers or additives... These are loaded with 18 skin loving amino acids for healthy skin.

This amazing powder not only helps your skin retain moisture it also helps control oil and balance your skin which makes it great for all skin types! You can use it under your foundation it will increase adhesion & help control shine and give you an amazing flawless look. Can also be worn on top of your foundation or alone on your face! The powder is completely translucent & will give your face a nice luminous look!

This is a large 20 gram jar with locking sifter & with 3 grams of product inside. All my minerals are sold by weight not volume.

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