Hot Honey Glitter Lip Gloss



Hot Honey Glitter Lip Gloss

Made with cosmetic grade peach and orange translucent holographic glitters

Ultra rich thick & silky lip gloss

Sheer finish to give your lips a nice wash of color

Lightly scented

Wear alone or on top of your favorite lip product.

5ml of product in a lip gloss tube with flocked applicator and outer safety seal

Made by hand in house in very small batches!

*Please note:
Some of the glosses will feel a bit gritty when 1st applied due to the glitters and or mica's used in the gloss. Simply rub your lips together a few times to warm up the gloss and the grittiness with dissipate.
Some tubes may be slightly underfilled to leave enough room to place the stopper and wand into the tube due to the thickness of some of the glosses. Some of the tubes may have a touch of seepage around the inside neck from some of the tubes being slightly overfilled. Please remember all the tubes are filled by hand so some under & over filling is possible.

Ingredients: Jojoba oil,simmondsia chinensis seed oil ethylene/propylene/styrene copolymer, butylene/ethlyene/styrene copolymer, rice bran oil, cosmetic grade PET polyurethane terephthalate

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