6pc Pressed Glitter Palette


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6pc Pressed Glitter Palette


Skinny Dipping
Sparkling Bubblegum
Sweet Blackberry Pie
Winterberry Kisses

All hand pressed cosmetic grade glitters in 37mm pans and come packaged in a black palette.

These contain no adhesive just slight binders to keep them in the solid/creamy form along with a preservative to keep them fresh. The binders will make them adhere very well but we suggest using a glitter glue or adhesive along with your application to ensure long lasting wear :) We carry the adhesive in our shop.

*Please note that the FDA has not approved the use of the glitter for cosmetic use in the USA although many companies do use it in cosmetics all the time & it does not mean that's it's not safe. The FDA has approved the use of this glitter in cosmetics for Europe & other countries so please use at your own discretion

Acrylic polymers, polyethylene terephthalate, isopropyl alcohol, hydrogenated polyisobutene & ethylene/propylene/styrene copolymer & butylene/ethylene/styrene copolymer, preservative

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