Aerglo ~ Multi Chrome Eyeshadow Flakes



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 Aerglo  Multi Chrome Eyeshadow Flakes from the Galaxy Collection


  Aerglo shifts from a iridescent gold to blue to purple to green to pink


~ Eye Safe ~ Lip Safe ~ Cruelty Free ~ Vegan~


Pls Note: Flakes are approx 0.2g in a 5 gram jar & are filled by weight not volume so some jars might be filled more or less.


The flakes are super thin, soft and buttery. They melt on your skin and have NO sharp edges even though they are a larger particle sizes.


These work best by applying them wet with a liquid mixing medium

We suggest using a stiff or flat brush or clean finger to apply these flakes and PAT them on and we also recommend using a sticky or creamy eyeshadow primer or glitter glue underneath if you don't have a liquid mixing medium.

I like to set them with a couple of spritzes of my makeup setting spray after I apply them to my eyes

Ingredients : Mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, silicon dioxide

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