100% Organic White Rose Hydrosol Rose Distillate Facial Toner


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100% Organic White Rose Hydrosol

Our hydrosols are 100% organic pure botanical extracts steam distilled and naturally scented by the plant or fruit materials they are steamed from.

Hydrosol's are the aromatic remains after the steam-distillation process occurs with NO added anything! YAY!

Roses are known for their skin soothing benefits & are very hydrating! Great on all skin types. Especially sensitive or mature skin. Safe to use on children with sensitive skin.

Shelf life is 6 months to a year & we suggest to always refrigerate your hydrosl's to get the longest shelf like & remember they are pure distillates and can go bad so store them in a cool place.

Spray on clean dry skin to freshen up your face
Spray onto a cotton ball & use as a facial toner
Uses as a setting spray after you apply your makeup
Spray anytime on your face for a quick refreshing pick me up

Packaged in a 2oz/60ml frosted glass spray bottle
Sample 2ml spray bottle

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